lifecycle workshop and cafe
"Anyone who rides a bike is a friend of mine"
Gary Fisher
About lifecycle


lifecycle is a family company that helps people become happier through bicycles. We select, adjust, repair, customize and electrify bicycles. We popularize cargo bicycles for delivery of small and medium-sized cargo CargoCult

Father of lifecycle — Oleksii Khvorostenko — bicycle mayor of Kyiv City.


You should come to us if:

  • you need to choose and buy a conventional or electric bicycle;
  • electrify an existing bicycle;
  • choose proven bicycle parts and accessories;
  • choose a gift for a cyclist;
  • tandem rental
  • to call
Bicycle place lifecycle


We resolutely repair bicycles from morning to night:

  • Full, seasonal and partial maintenance
  • Bicycle repair and service
  • Ultrasonic cleaner of the transmission
  • Repair of baby carriages and strollers
  • Electric bicycles service
  • Repair of ordinary and electric scooters
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lifecycle is a community of cycling enthusiasts